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Machine Learning as a Service Platform
  Default Assignee Default QA Contact
neuralobjects-backend-provisioning Phillip Rhodes (GMail) Phillip Rhodes (GMail)
The provisioning service for NeuralObjects
neuralobjects-backend-service-api Phillip Rhodes (GMail) Phillip Rhodes (GMail)
The REST service API for deployed NeuralObjects instances (provides access to the ML services, etc.)
neuralobjects-fogbeam-int Phillip Rhodes (GMail)
NeuralObjects integrations specific to Fogbeam internal operations
neuralobjects-integration-service Phillip Rhodes (GMail)
Service for integrating NeuralObjects with BPM, etc.
neuralobjects-prediction-api Phillip Rhodes (GMail)
API for making predictions using trained models.
neuralobjects-web Phillip Rhodes (GMail)
The web interface for neuralobjects