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Currituck Blog Server based on Apache Roller
Gassendi Wiki
Grimaldi Forums
Hatteras Hatteras is a Business Event Subscriptions Engine from Fogbeam Labs. Part of the Fogcutter project, Hatteras provides a bridge between your Enterprises ESB/SOA infrastructure and user-facing applications, by allowing users to define subscriptions to business events they are interested in. Hatteras delivers matching messages to the user application for display, additional processing, or other interaction. Hatteras can also route events to other consumers including Enterprise Social Networks, Semantic Processing Pipelines, Analytics Engines, etc.
Heceta Heceta is a search engine that leverages all of the various bits of information from Neddick, Quoddy, and "TBD" to provide better / deeper / more insightful search results than you can get from simple document content analysis
Neddick An interface that builds on the APIs for tagging, ranking and recommending items, to provide a platform for sharing and discovering useful links, documents, people, etc
NeuralObjects Machine Learning as a Service Platform
Neyman SOA/ESB
PhotonStream Document Management System
Quoddy A sort of "mini Facebook" like social-networking interface. Builds on the APIs for social-graph management, activity-stream, activity profiling, tagging, etc. Provides the front-end for managing connections and for letting users provide information about themselves, their interests, etc.
Shewhart BPMS